Your dream coming true!

Whether you have genetical bonds to Scandinavia or not,

you are invited to share with me
the Magics of the region Hälsingland, Sweden.

Reconnect with the sacred lands of the Godess Hel, the Mother Earth, the pre-christian Goddess of the Underworld.

Storjungfrun island

Storjungfrun Island

Island in Söderhamn Archipellago


Hälsingland nature

Green forests, birchtrees, lakes and blue mountains are typical for Hälsingland.



Along the winding creek you will find lovely viewpoints and even small beaches.

You will experience the Misty Valleys, the Rolling Hills, the Winding Creek Ljusnan, the Seaside and the traces of the last Ice age, 10 000 BC.

This is the area where land keeps raising up from the waters after being relieved from the pressure of the ice. Some of it was once the sea, used as one of the oldest roads for travelling over the Eastern Sea to the west coast of the Scandinavian Isle.

For over 4 000 years people have travelled here for business, adventure and ceremony. The remains and the memories are hidden in the forest.

August 6th-August 13th 2022

You have a unique chance to join an exclusive group

 of maximum 8 people to walk the lands of the Goddess Hel.

We will actively reconnect with Mother Earth and the elements Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Spirit. You will learn about the myths and the roots of the people who left for the new world, Viking´s called it Vinland, nowadays we say America.

You will have time for activity and relaxation, for community and contemplation.

We stay traditional local style in the World Heritage protected


We have our own cook and Tai Chi Chi Gung teacher to get warmed up in the mornings and nourishment for body and soul.

Once you get to Sweden, all is included

Pickup at the airport for a 2 hours drive north, accommodation, food, activities and lots of love.


You will be included in the members site

where we share information, connect with each other on Zoom before we leave and present all the information you need to make this

THE Most Magical Adventure of Your Life!

Malin Åhman


I am Malin Åhman.

I want to share with you the sensation of the Old Wise Mother Earth who can be felt in the place that is my home.

As a farmer's daughter, raised in the old ways close with nature, I appreciate all her gifts - the cool rest of winter, the bursting spring, the intense light summers and the sweet warm autumn evenings. The seeds to be planted, the harvests of season and the time to get back to rest again, to gather new energy and focus for next circle. When I look around, life is full of life, joy and blessings. We just have to be still long enough to see it!

A couple of years ago I sold my growing Real Estate Consultant company to just lean back, find peace and freedom in life. Now I spend my days helping other companies and boards of directors to remember the values and purpose that once brought them to where they now spend their time and energy.

When I work with people, I go deep to find the source of life that brings forth the seeds and the legacy of their life.

Oh, of course, I will also be your host and facilitator this adventure.

Love /Malin

About Malin Åhman

Malin Åhman is a Civil Engineer and a Real Estate Economist. She has worked as a manager and leader for the last 20 years within large companies, smaller companies and within government controlled businesses.

The last years she has created her own businesses as well as supporting others as part of their company strategic advisory boards.

She is involved with regional growth in several companies and as Vice President of the board of the Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Growing up on a small old-fashioned farm, she has broken cultural, social and gender boundaries by both getting a Master of Science degree at the Royal Institute of Technology and by creating a lifestyle full of life.

Malin is the author of "Conscious Coworkers" and the "PILGRIM" trilogy.

Pay direct or by payment plan

3 payments of $2,800/month

Sweden 2022

Take me to Sweden - Payment plan 3x2800


Sweden 2022

Take me to Sweden - Direct payment $7500

Take me to Sweden - Direct payment $7500

Including pick up from airport, 2-bed room, transports, foods, adventures and activities