Malin Åhman


I, Malin Åhman, am an Entrepreneur, Inspirator and Life Savorer.

I love spending time with people discovering ourselves and the world around us, reaching deeper insights in life, finding alignment with our spirits and being filled with joyous life and curiosity! It´s amazing what we can experience by just being fully present in the now.

As a compassionate teacher and facilitator, a curious spiritual being, I love when my world opens up for new discoveries and insights, when life fills up with - life!

My coaching speciality?

-I see your potential and I won´t let you turn your back on yourself.

Malin Åhman is a Civil Engineer, and a Real Estate Economist. She has worked as a manager and leader for the last 20 years within large companies, smaller companies and within government controlled businesses. The last years she has created her own businesses as well as supporting others as part of their company boards. She is involved with regional growth as a member of the board of the Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Growing up on a small old-fashioned farm, she has broken cultural boundaries through both getting a university degree and by creating a lifestyle full of life.

Her relationship with spirituality and nature has developed further through her pilgrimages in Sweden, Spain, France and Italy and adventures in Hawaii.

Malin is the author of "Conscious Coworkers" and the "PILGRIM" trilogy.

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